Using Photography to help non-profit animal organizations

Just one of the fantastic perks of having a creative profession is my ability to use my photography to help others. Since I am an animal and children lover, I choose to help organizations that help (you guessed it) animals and children. Today I am writing about a recent project with the Espanola Valley Humane Society here in New Mexico. I have collaborated with EVHS on several projects over the years and have written about some of the projects in earlier blog entries. This organization, like many that serve the world of animals, is made up of people who offer a tremendous amount of heartfelt energy for their causes. It is with the continuous efforts of the staff, board, and volunteers that a shelter such as Espanola Valley Humane can survive and have the ability to greatly impact animal welfare. This is a cause in which I truly believe and support. Photography is how I can help a little. The photography I am sharing today was taken for multi-marketing and awareness efforts of animals for the shelter. Each animal has a unique story... I have been told that the images have had a strong impact and along with the animals' stories, have helped to raise much needed funding. Gumby, the adorable cat above, was found to have only two teeth, which needed removal. Gumby is currently in foster care. Lil is a sweet American Staffordshire Terrier, also known as a Pit bull terrier. She is the shelter's pride and joy as she helps education efforts in schools and various public events throughout New Mexico. She is also a certified therapy dog. Puff Doggy, above, was fortunate to be adopted by a loving family and is obviously living well. Dewy and Griswold, the cat models above, were neutered and given their first kitten shots, but Griswold became seriously ill. Griswold went to foster care with the shelter vet and Dewy went with him so that they could both grow and heal. Dewy and Griswold, both now healthy, were adopted together from the Annual Kitten Festival in Santa Fe. Teddy Bear was a shy, sweet pup. He was adopted at a mobile adoption in Santa Fe. There are numerous ways to help any organization that you feel strongly about. Imagery can be a powerful tool and I am fortunate to be able to represent these animals' characters through my photographs. (And let's be honest, I need to do something or I'll end up adopting them all!)