Toddler portraits: photos of sunshine

It is dark and cold outside so I thought I'd blog about some sunshine: toddler portraits! This little girl, MJ, was a complete joy to be around and I hope her amazing personality shines forth in the images. She was a little shy at first, but that only lasted for about two seconds. Literally. MJ's grandmother had called upon me to photograph her and I was of course excited about the idea. Toddler portraits are so fun because I am entertained by these little personalities while I am taking photos. MJ was a bundle of energy and constantly on the move. Sometimes I just followed her lead... As long as the child is up for it, I'm on board to keep playing and exploring with them. MJ is such a beautiful little girl. I loved her endless curiosity. The images below of MJ just make me laugh. I asked her where her belly button was and these two images were her response in sequential order. I love the look of joyous discovery. These were toddler portraits that I just loved creating. The smile on MJ's face, her intense blue eyes and all of the colors of the scene really brought sunshine into my life that day and each time I see them.