Family Portraits in colorful Santa Fe

I think I'm getting the warm weather itch! This was an amazingly colorful family to photograph here in Santa Fe. Their love for one another was evident from the moment I walked through the door. After greeting the family, I perused their lovely home and outdoor area to determine the best photographing location. I was surprised to discover a brilliant explosion of colorful sunflowers! Mom and Dad explained how the sunflower explosion was not part of their typical landscape and that they had decided to allow nature to do it's "thing" that season. I was certainly glad they had made that decision! I feel that the sunflowers are symbolic of the little girls' characters; bright, colorful, bold, warm and full of life. We shared some quiet and tender moments as well. I used a new lens for this shot, which required big sis to stand very very still. I absolutely love seeing two sisters connect closely with one another. Of course no relationship is free of all conflict, but these two were joined at the hip! You bet we saved lots of time for playing! I envy the energy of little children. The family portraits I capture are unique to each family I encounter. Because I am primarily a location photographer, I am able to bring personal elements into the photographs. My hope for this family is that they are able to treasure these images forever and perhaps smile when they recall the time the sunflowers grew wild!