Video short of Norah Levine in Austin, Texas creating photo encaustic art. The sale of her work benefits animal welfare causes. Video by photographer Becca Ewing. Music used with permission. Her work can be viewed on and for sale on and in person at various locations.

As a pet and children photographer new to the Austin area, I knew it was time to shoot a new video of me here in Texas! I wanted something that showed me actually photographing and connecting with my subjects in the authentic way that I actually DO connect with them. This video reflects the fun experience that my clients share with me when I photograph for them in their homes and shares a little bit of who I am as a person and also as a photographer.

This multi-media exploration documents the unique lifestyle shared by people without shelter and the animals they rely on for companionship, protection, and in some cases, their emotional and psychological well-being. Regardless of the reason for their situation, the homeless rely on their pets for many things—most importantly—companionship. Many homeless pet owners use what little resources they do have to provide care and sustenance to their animal; food, bedding, etc., because their love and reliance on their pet surpasses all other priorities in life, they have little left for their own material needs.

I created this video to share my process of making my encaustic art. It involves photography and encaustic materials (beeswax and damar resin with pigments) and sometimes other mixed media. This is the first video I've ever made and I'm excited to share it. This part of my work benefits animal welfare causes.