Happy Holidays from Norah Levine and her family {Pet photographer, Children Photographer, Austin, Texas and Santa Fe, New Mexico}

My husband and I live in Austin, Texas, along with our little family comprised of 2 dogs and 3 cats. These animals are our family and we love them unconditionally. Our pets give wholeheartedly and ask very little in return. Let me introduce Ruckus (upper left), our boxer-mix who sports a snazzy underbite and runs the IT department; Fuego (upper right) our fiery little guy who definitely has a special swag and also acts as my PR director; Mika (middle right), our precious princess lab/pit mix who diligently serves as office assistant and accountant; RC (bottom left), our squishy calico in charge of catering (and eating); and Pepe aka Pino, our Abyssinian and Bengal mix in charge of marketing and social media.

Along with lots of hair, these cats and dogs bring me joy. I hope that whomever you have chosen to include in your family that you appreciate them as much as I appreciate my family and loved ones. I am extremely appreciative for all my clients who have chosen to invite me into their lives to photograph their most beloved.

Happy Holidays and Warm Wishes.


Why am I a photographer? {Children and Pet Photographer, Austin, TX and Santa Fe, NM}

Being a photographer isn't much of a choice for me. Photography picked ME. (Kind of like all of my adopted dogs and cats did). I fell in love with photography for the magic of it–for the many possibilities to create and connect through my view finder. While the format of photography has changed dramatically from my days of rolling film onto reels, the magic hasn't changed a bit. Sure, owning a business has its challenges, but I can't really imagine not creating photographs. As a result of my profession I get to play and interact with incredible children and animals and meet amazing people–even make some new friends. Through that process I have the opportunity to create images that allow my clients to linger in the present moment just a little bit longer–as their new baby coos and drools, as they hold on extra tightly to one another and while their pets gaze longingly into their eyes... this is the magic. Time certainly doesn't stand still, but artful photographs can certainly help it pause just a little; help us to spend a moment or two reminiscing and feel warm and fuzzy. (For the record, I'm not ashamed of being a warm and fuzzy photographer.) As I work hard to photograph and produce the final artwork for all of my unique clients this holiday season I am most definitley thankful to be part of this magical art form. The photographs I am sharing today are from a recent portrait session with a dear family in Santa Fe. I loved spending time with them at a park nearby their home as well as capturing images of their beloved pets at their home.

Norah Levine is an Austin based children portrait photographer and pet photographer. She photographs in homes and on location. She also travels to Santa Fe, New Mexico frequently for sessions. Please view her website for more details www.norahlevinephotography.com

Creative Pet Portrait Workshop at the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops

I just returned from teaching "The Creative Pet Portrait"; a fantastic week-long pet portrait workshop hosted by the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops. I was so fortunate to teach along side of some amazing photographers and instructors including Joe McNally, Genevieve Russell, Eddie Soloway, Seth Resnick and Bob Sacha who were teaching a variety of courses including lighting on location, photographing people and visual story telling with audio. Participants joined my class from all over the country including New York, Oregon, Oklahoma, Texas, Indiana, and California! The week was fantastic and intense in such a amazing way because we were going and going every day for long hours. The week was packed with activities that focused on pet portraiture and gaining the skills necessary for photographing both pets and their humans. We were generously hosted by Santa Fe Tails, the Santa Fe Humane Society, Rick Iannucci at his western ranch, and even private homes throughout the Santa Fe area to help my class in their journey. We were also delighted to absorb the advice of animal trainer, Mary Leatherberry, were inspired by fine art photographer Gregg Albracht, and picked up a few Photoshop tips and tricks from Rick Allred. This class had amazing energy. They were up for anything and everything and didn't let frustrations get in the way of their learning experience. They signed up for the class to learn all about pet photography and were ready to have fun doing it. We addressed lighting, trouble shooting on location, style, communication with both animals and people, posing, props, composition, and so much more. I enjoyed each and every one of them and I was thrilled to see them expand their confidence throughout the week as they learned from the class and their fellow students. They seemed completely exhausted by week's end which is always a good sign that I did my job–to provide the participants with as many learning opportunities and experiences as possible.

I absolutely loved teaching this class and look forward to an entirely different experience next year!

My Family Photos in Austin Texas

This week I'd like to share images of just a few of my family members here in Austin! I recently purchased a new lens and I decided to play around with it using my favorite subjects- my animals! They are usually willing and always there for me. (Sometimes my calico gives me the "hairy eyeball", but she usually gives in!) While I don't have images of all five of our pets to share today, this will offer a glimpse of a few of our furry family members. I love them dearly, in spite of the hair they leave on my clothes and floors each and every day. In these images you'll see Fuego, our little orange tabby, Ruckus, our special boxer labrador mix, and RC, our calico cat. If she looks slightly snooty, it's because she is. When love her anyway. I'm teaching a pet portrait photography workshop this week in Santa Fe and I am so excited. I can't wait to share as much as I can with my students about creatively photographing pets. I look forward to sharing the experience with you next week!