My Family Photos in Austin Texas

This week I'd like to share images of just a few of my family members here in Austin! I recently purchased a new lens and I decided to play around with it using my favorite subjects- my animals! They are usually willing and always there for me. (Sometimes my calico gives me the "hairy eyeball", but she usually gives in!) While I don't have images of all five of our pets to share today, this will offer a glimpse of a few of our furry family members. I love them dearly, in spite of the hair they leave on my clothes and floors each and every day. In these images you'll see Fuego, our little orange tabby, Ruckus, our special boxer labrador mix, and RC, our calico cat. If she looks slightly snooty, it's because she is. When love her anyway. I'm teaching a pet portrait photography workshop this week in Santa Fe and I am so excited. I can't wait to share as much as I can with my students about creatively photographing pets. I look forward to sharing the experience with you next week!