Woofgang Bakery in Westlake featuring Norah Levine Photography


I was recently asked by Amy Wissler, owner of the new Westlake location of Woofgang Bakery & Grooming, to display some of my photography of pets in the store. I love to collaborate with local businesses in Austin and was happy to display some of my pet photography.

I'm happy to take this opportunity to support Amy and her new business and recently interviewed her about Woofgang Bakery & Grooming. I also photographed Amy and her dog Stevie at their new shop!

Why did you decide to open a Woofgang Bakery?

My mom and I had talked for years about opening a store together.  We looked at several different pet related franchises but never found the right fit.  She was diagnosed with cancer and passed away four years ago.  I immediately noticed the Austin store at 12th and Lamar and loved the concept.  A year after it opened I started researching the franchise and finally, after a lot of encouragement from my sister, decided to take the plunge and open my own store. I'm so glad my sister pushed me to do this. Our mom would have LOVED this store! 
What is the best thing about being a pet related business owner?
It's so much fun!  The store and the entire pet industry is constantly evolving and improving.
What do you love most about your Westlake clients?
They truly love thier pets and want to give them the best nutrition and care they can.  We have met so many wonderful people with incredible rescue stories.  It warms your heart to help a family with kids shop for their new puppy or new rescue.  One couple drove to Waco to pick up a rescue pup.  Their first stop was my store when they got back to Austin. Watson came to my store before seeing his new home!  
Who is Stevie? What's your favorite thing about Stevie?
Stevie is my little rescue pup.  A friend of ours was fostering Stevie before he moved to Hong Kong for a career opportunity.  He was very attached to Stevie and begged me to take him so he would be sure Stevie had a good home.  He is a beautiful boy and I love that he is adapting to being a shop dog.  He has come a long way from the insecure, shy boy that we first met.  It makes me happy to see him happy.  He gets really excited when our retail friends next door stop by.  His little wiggle butt and tail wag make everyone smile!
What are the main services you offer at Woofgang Bakery?
Our salon style grooming has been a big hit with our customers.  We have four experienced groomers now qualified to work with all breeds.  Our decorated and baked treats are also very popular.  We also have premium foods for dogs and cats.
What is Stevie's favorite homemade biscuit/treat flavor?
Stevie likes anything with peanut butter!  He also likes to lick the spoon after I mix the yogurt frosting for the decorated treats.  It's a tough job being a shop dog!
What makes your shop unique?
I've had so many people tell me that they like the relaxing, friendly atmosphere of the store.  It's very comfortable and obvious that we care a lot about our canine clients. 
What are you looking forward to being able to do with your business?
I'm looking forward to being a fixture in the community and offering more community events, fundraisers, and adoption events.
 How can people stay connected with the Westlake location Woofgang Bakery events and happenings? 
 Follow us on Facebook or complete a "Join our Pack" card in the store to be included on our mailing list.