Photos with Kids... they've got the looks

When I photograph children I have the opportunity to capture many expressions. It is important for me to document a child's individual personalty in a creative and fun way. During a session I am fortunate to see many sides of a little boy or girl's characteristics and my experience varies with each interaction. The following images were captured during one energetic portrait session.ChildrenPortraitSantaFe2 As you'll see, this little boy has many unique expressions and a mighty cute belly button! I asked him if he had a belly button and he proceeded to confirm, that, indeed he had one and that it was a special one. I later learned that the sharing-of-the-belly-button routine was a relatively new activity. When these types of connections happen, it makes the final image all the more valuable to the parents. Two images of Boy I love it when the parents look at the images from the portrait session and say, "That is SO Johnny" or, "I love it when he makes that face!" These statements tell me I have captured an expression that is dear to a parent's heart. Santa Fe Children Portraits