3 tips for better Dog Portraits

In this post I'll discuss 3 tips for taking better dog portraits. Perhaps you have been trying to photograph your dog and have not been happy with your results. While taking effective dog portraits is certainly a skill, there are a few aspects to consider that might help you get better results.• Be prepared to be patient. Good things come to those who wait, so give it some time. My best images are not created by one click of the shutter. Dog Portrait in Flower gardenHave your pet's favorite treats nearby and be ready to use them. Some pups respond really well to treats and will appear attentive in the images while looking at a treat. A note of caution, however, introduction of dog treats may induce massive amounts of drool! I usually wait to use treats until I've tried a few other tricks. Portrait of vizsla dog looking up at cartoon treatTry taking photos in a location that is naturally lit. Natural light is beautiful and it's almost always better than that little flash that pops up on your camera because it is softer. Portait of Golden Retreiver Puppy on Pink Chair Have fun when you're taking a dog portrait! Remember to experiment and your images are sure to improve with practice.