Norah Levine Austin, TX and Santa Fe, NM children and pet photographer-Children portraits in Santa Fe

Happy Fall! My family and I are getting settled here in fantastic Austin, Texas. I'm still getting used to being in a new city and have been enjoying all that Austin has to offer! I must admit that I have caught myself writing, "Austin, NM" or "Santa Fe, TX" on quite a few address form fills. Oh, how I would love to combine the cities of Austin and Santa Fe! Now that I am photographing in both Austin and Santa Fe I suppose I am actually creating my own new "city". I feel fortunate to still photograph in Santa Fe and was just there for some amazing mountain views, brilliant sunshine and this incredible little girl's beauty. My main goal when I photograph children is to have fun and in the process capture imagery that is timeless, whimsical and illustrative of the child's character. This doesn't have to involve forced smiles! Sure, play is always part of my photo sessions, but some of my favorite images and parents' favorite images are of their children with a more peaceful, thoughtful expression. I love hearing from parents, "that is SOOOO Angela," or, "I love it when Charlie makes that face!" She was incredibly gentle and sweet with the poodle. I could have photographed the two of them all day! I look forward to meeting and photographing many more children here in Austin and in Santa Fe!