Getting Serious with Puppy Portraits Austin, TX

Okay, maybe seriously CUTE should be the title for this entry! Meet Honor, a docile and loving golden retriever puppy in Austin, Texas. Like babies, puppies need their sleep too and Honor snuck in a few "zzzz's" during our session. I use various types of lighting tools depending on the situation and what I feel is best for creating the most beautiful images. Sometimes the light is created with lighting tools and modifiers and sometimes I use natural sunlight. If there is amazing afternoon sunlight pouring through the window onto a sleeping puppy I am definitely using the natural sunlight tool!

I can't resist photographing the face of a puppy and Honor was no exception. I was incredibly thrilled to spend time with this puppy. I loved the way his blonde fur contrasted against the brilliant red in this image.

Warm and fuzzy photos? Of course! Warm and fuzzy puppies? Absolutely! I'm not ashamed.