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Your pet is a valued member of the family, so choosing a groomer who will be around your dog with soapy water and sharp grooming instruments can be nerve wracking. Not every groomer is going to be a good fit for every dog, either! Though many dog owners are able to handle a lot of the grooming themselves, there are times when a professional needs to step in. Luckily, we've compiled a great list of tips for you to keep in mind to help you select the best groomer in Austin and beyond.

1. Go By Reputation. Use social media to your advantage and post on a local Facebook group to ask for recommendations. Check out Yelp and Google reviews, too, or ask local friends who they use and love. Hiring a groomer with a good reputation gives you the peace of mind that many have used them before and find them trustworthy.

2. Ask About Experience. Did you know that there's really no extensive training to be a dog groomer? While some groomers do attend professional programs, others don't. This doesn't necessarily mean that they won't do a top notch job, but it's important to inquire about their experience with grooming, as well as with specific breeds and temperaments that match your dog.

3. Cleanliness of Shop. Check out the grooming facility and make sure it is clean and well-kept. Inquire about how instruments are sterilized and see the facilities where the dogs are kept between grooms. You can even bypass this altogether by hiring a mobile dog groomer who can care for your pooch in the safety and comfort of your home!

4. Facility Requirements. Some grooming facilities will require your dog to be up-to-date on specific vaccinations. Consider this a positive thing that these groomers care about the health and wellness of their pets, and not as an annoyance to make an extra vet trip. Some groomers will also require owners to drop off their dogs, while others will not -- your individual comfort with these policies will vary, so choose a groomer whose philosophies align with yours.

5. Positive Communication. Were you treated kindly when you called to make an appointment? Was the shop owner able to adequately answer your questions and give you the information you requested? Choose a groomer with stellar communication skills so you'll feel comfortable leaving your pet with him or her.

6. Pricing and Services. This one's a no brainer, but it's important to choose a groomer with a price point you're comfortable with, as well as who offers the services you're seeking for your dog. Each dog's coat is different, and some groomers might have more experience than others with specific breeds and temperaments.

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