Lifelines project exhibit in Austin's City Hall- Portraits of the Homeless and their beloved pets

Upcoming exhibit of photographic portraits of the homeless and their pets at Austin's City Hall April 15-29th 2013. Opening reception held Friday, April 19th 5:30-8pm.

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Lifelines: a project about the bond between the homeless and their pets

Over the last year, Gabrielle Amster and I have passionately honored the bond between the homeless and their pets in Austin, Texas and the surrounding areas through the medium of photography and sound. We have named this project Lifelines.

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Shelter puppies in an old truck– Pet Photography Workshop Demo benefiting animal shelter

During my pet photography workshop I had the chance to photograph a pile of shelter puppies in an old Chevy truck during a demonstration to my class. Use of the photographs will be donated to the Espanola Valley Humane Society in New Mexico.

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Tomlinson's Pet Store Marketing Photography {Professional Portrait Photography Austin Texas}

Norah Levine is an Austin Texas Photographer was recently asked by Tomlinson's to photograph for their marketing needs. Norah specializes in dog and other pet photography as well as family and children photography.

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"Sniffing it out at the dog park" Grand opening for Dog Boy's new dog park!

Pure joy. That's all I witnessed at Dog Boy's Dog Ranch during the grand opening of their stunning new dog park. I saw nothing but smiling dogs (really!) as they galloped through the green pastures, leaped with reckless abandon into the refreshing pond and latched onto the nearest stick calling out their name. You'd better be sure that they slept soundly that night. I doubt I could ever get tired of witnessing animals at play and photographing them is truly exciting. These dogs were in heaven–Dog Boy's style. I've included a few of my favorite images from the short time I visited the dog park. I thoroughly enjoyed the documentary-style perspective I chose to take during this afternoon of play and exploration. I found it best to hunker down and capture the fun as it whirled and splashed by me.


Norah Levine is an Austin based children portrait photographer and pet photographer. She photographs in homes and on location. She also travels to Santa Fe, New Mexico frequently for sessions. Please view her website for more details Images rights must be obtained in writing for any use.