Pet Photography Booth Austin, Texas

I was recently asked to create a photo booth to photograph dogs here in Austin, TX at an event called Pupapalooza. I don't typically photograph events, but I thought this would be a fantastic opportunity to get out into the pet community here in Austin and to support a cause close to my heart. All of the ticket sales from my photo booth went to the Austin Humane Society and the Animal Trustees of Austin.  Although the day was hot, I felt I had a pretty good turnout in my booth! I created the background with a board from Home Depot and some chalkboard paint. I filled the chalkboard with "dog" words–sometimes the dog's name to add a little special "flair" to the background. I wanted the booth to be fun and to express a candid feeling while maintaining a beautiful quality of light and color. Pet owner's and their beloved pets joined in on the fun and in exchange for their tickets they received their very own custom photo booth strip! This was absolutely a perfect way for me to meet some of Austin's dogs and their people and for me to play around with my photo booth idea. Special thanks to all of the participants in my booth for their support and to my helpers for making the day run smoothly!

Portraits with children-the benefits of handing your camera to a six year old

There's a collaboration between photographer and subject that has to exist, in my opinion, in order to create meaningful portraits and positive memories of time spent together. No matter where I'm photographing–Santa Fe, Austin, or somewhere else–the collaboration between a child and the photographer is especially crucial.

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Photos with Kids... they've got the looks

Photographing Children in New Mexico: When I photograph children I have the opportunity to capture many expressions. It is important for me to document a child's individual personalty in a creative and fun way. During a session I am fortunate to see many sides of a little boy or girl's characteristics and my experience varies with each interaction.

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Interview with the Examiner Article by Alexandra Blantyre I was recently interviewed by Alexandra Blantyre from the Examiner, a wonderful online resource. Alexandra Blantyre, owner of The Barking Princess Fine Art and Little Dog Parties, lives her life according to what sounds like fun for her and her dog. In addition to sniffing out the local Salt Lake dog scene, they travel the country in search of new adventures, furry fashion and tasty biscuits.

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