Should You Train Your Dog?

should i train my dog Jessica Rockowitz

There are few relationships as incredible as the bond between dog and human. Most people couldn't imagine their life without their furry best friend, and training your dog not only helps strengthen your bond, but also serves as a great experience you can partake in together. Dog training can help eliminate unwanted behaviors and even help protect your pet from potentially hazardous situations. Should you train your dog? The short answer is yes! Here are some great reasons why:

  1. Training enhances communication. Training teaches your dog to be more in tune with both your verbal and physical cues, such as commands and hand signals.
  2. Training keeps your dog safe. Teaching dogs the basic commands such as sit, stay, and heel helps keep your dog out of danger because you will be able to tell her to stay in place instead of running into a busy street or chasing a car. If your dog accidentally becomes loose, you will also be able to call to her and have her return safely because she is accustomed to following your commands.
  3. Training strengthens your bond. Dogs naturally fall to an alpha to look up to, and training allows you to better communicate and be on the same wavelength as your furry best friend. If you are the one training your dog as opposed to a professional trainer, this bond is strengthened even further.
  4. Training socializes your dog. Dogs enjoy being around other dogs, and lack of socialization in dogs can lead to behavioral issues. Just like people, your dog needs to socialize in order to stay well-rounded. Training serves as a chance to meet other people and dogs if you're opting for group classes. You will also be more in tune with how your dog handles being around others, thereby helping you understand unwanted behaviors and be better able to stop them before they escalate.

Keep in mind that while some pet owners will choose to enroll their dog in training classes, others are comfortable training their dog themselves. Speak with some trainers and other pet owners to figure out which route is best for you and your family.

What do you think, Austin pet owners? Did you train your dog?


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