Newborn Portraits with an authentic approach, Austin Texas

I'm happy to finally to share a few of the images from a recent newborn session in Austin with baby George and family. I LOVED working with these people and their beautiful children and pup. They wanted a photographer to document their newborn baby, but also the rest of their family during this time in their lives. They asked for authentic imagery that didn't involve a lot of props and that felt and looked natural and genuine to their family. I was totally on board and enjoyed every minute of this project. A side note: I have steered away from blogging or a few reasons, but I am back... again. A little "warning"– my posts moving forward will be a little more raw and stream of consciousness, and sometimes (eh hem) not perfect. It just has to be that way because that is my reality. Life isn't perfect (spoiler alert!) and if I wait for everything to line up it just doesn't happen.

I am fortunate to be able to continue to photograph authentic imagery for my portrait clients, create fine artwork (visit my new Etsy shop teach, and make sure I am giving love away to my friends, family and pets like it's on closeout sale.

Thank you to this beautiful family for sharing this special, intimate space and time with me and for inviting me to document it for them. Baby George, you're a lucky little guy.

Newborn session by photographer Norah Levine who photographs pets children and families in Austin, TX.