Why You Should Choose A Lifestyle Shoot

This family!

I had the chance to photograph this family a couple years ago when they only had one little boy. Now they are a family of four and are cuter than ever.

This foursome had moved out of town but were back in Austin for a long weekend and asked if I could capture their expanded family with a lifestyle approach. Normally I photograph in and around my clients’ homes, but this adorable rental home made for a sweet background and comfortable environment. I loved photographing them in this space during a holiday weekend where they were enjoying themselves and taking advantage of all that Austin offers. This weekend getaway was a fun part of their lives, and I loved capturing these moments for them. The little girl was so energetic that morning. Sometimes this can be a big challenge during portrait sessions, but I’ll tell you what – I’d much rather have a child full of excited energy than unhappy and fussy. The energy, the movement, the moments – they're all part of lifestyle photography. I much prefer a little “joyful chaos” to static, tense, perfect posing.

Lifestyle is different for everyone, and that’s one thing I love about it. I love capturing people in their spaces, in their moments. It is more natural than posed photos at the park and lends itself to a more authentic connection. Even though this wasn’t my client’s home, it was a space and time wherein they were comfortable and relaxed, which is the first step to a successful portrait session.

Why might you choose a lifestyle session? Consider that we are all unique. Each of our families are different from one another, and that is something that I think should be celebrated.  I believe photographs of our family are all about honoring relationships and our lives as they are right here, right now. It’s not about perfect or about making our lives look like anyone else’s. That’s why I use the phrase, “capturing the colors in your life.” It’s about you, your lifestyle, your family and your relationships.