Lifelines Project announced: Photography of the homeless and their pets, Austin, TX

I am so excited to share the Lifelines project with the world! I've been a little busy (Thus the slacking in blogging–sorry!) I have always wanted to lend my photography to a long-term project I feel truly passionate about. This is it.

I feel that Lifelines epitomizes this pursuit, as the bond between the homeless and their pets is one that pours through the lens like none other.

The connection between people and animals is a priceless treasure I have sought to genuinely capture in my photography for many years. I greatly value the bond I share with my own pets (or “pet family”) and find immense joy when I am able to make this connection tangible for my clients as well.

The Lifelines project idea came about when I met with Animal Trustees of Austin’s Executive Director, Missy McCulloch, and she told me about their 4PAWS Program (For People and Animals without Shelter). 4PAWS was established by ATA to provide free of charge wellness care and spay/neuter surgeries to pets belonging to the homeless population of Central Texas and beyond. I was immediately drawn to the idea. But not in a sad way…I was pulled toward the hope that lay in portraying the genuine love that exists between owner and companion.

Gabrielle Amster, a friend and ATA staff member immediately joined in as co-founder of the project and we have been working tirelessly on the efforts for the past year. Gabrielle has worked in animal welfare for many years and like myself, believes in animal advocacy and the causes that support the animal welfare community.

I want this project to bring awareness of the importance of the human/animal connection and for the viewers of the photographs and the listeners of the audio vignettes to endorse programs that support this bond. ATA’s 4Paws program is one of these valuable programs.

For so many of us, homeless or otherwise, animals are our lifelines. They are certainly mine.

Please view and share the VIDEO about this project!

An exhibit of these images and audio vignettes is scheduled for September 2012 in Austin, Texas. More information about this project will be provided in future posts.


homeless man and dog