In Honor of Jackie, a beloved dog

It is always difficult to hear when animals I have photographed are no longer with us in physical form. One of the most rewarding aspects of being a photographer is when I hear that the images I capture and the experience I help to provide truly impacts the life of another. I received this heartfelt message about Jackie's passing last week and I want to share them with others in her honor. It touched me deeply. (I have been given permission by Jackie's owner, Jim, to share his sweet words). Photographing Jim and Jackie was very special for me as I remember how close the two were... Jackie would often walk ahead of Jim, but always turn to look back to see that he was close by.

Dear Norah:

Jackie had to be euthanized on Easter Sunday. Her spine was breaking apart and she was in lots of pain.
 I am so thankful I have so many great photos to remember her by. You were able to capture the unbreakable bond she and I had.
 Many people tell me the following photo has moved them to tears.


Jackie and I had so much fun that day with you...
You may think this is crazy but as I was driving home Monday into the setting sun, thinking about her, a huge cloud formed right in front of me in the shape of a dog. Although I'm a true skeptic, I have no doubt this was somehow Jackie telling me she is OK and that everything will be OK.
I pulled over and took a photo.
Look at the oncoming car's headlight then look straight up. Do you see her?
jackie in the sky
 More about Jackie from Jim:
Jackie was abandoned along with her litter (she was the mama) when she was 18 months old. A Fort Worth couple found them in an East Texas field, scooped them up and gave away the puppies but kept Jackie.
Six years later, they lost their house in the 2007 recession and had to put Jackie up for adoption. I found her in a Dallas shelter and we had seven great years together.
Although not a cuddly dog, Jackie was loving and affectionate in her own way. We had lots of adventures, including a trip to Galveston a month ago.
Thank you for sharing your experience, Jim... and for being such a good friend to Jackie.