Encaustic Art for a Cause in Austin, TX by Norah Levine

Hi! I have been on a fine art "mission" during the first quarter of this year… committing to focusing on my encaustic artwork and creating new photographs. I am LOVING it.  I am honored to announce that my encaustic pieces are being sold at Mockingbird Domestics here in Austin, Texas, at Gallery on the Square in adorable Wimberly, Texas (a must see in person!) and through my website. I love creating this art. It combines my love of animals and nature with my passion for photography and getting my hands dirty. I've been inspired by the many animals in my life and definitely by my fond memories of children's stories. This is "fine art for a cause" as a portion of every sale is donated to selected animal welfare causes. This was a priority for me when I started creating this work.

This week, I delivered this piece "Egg #1" to the folks at Animal Trustees of Austin for their Petcassso fundraiser. Please consider attending this event if you are in the area! The piece will be part of their silent auction Sunday, April 6th and I hope that it helps to raise much needed funding.

So this is the beginning and continuation of an incredible journey! I will do my best to keep everyone updated with the art, my new photography, inspirations and adventures along the way.

Please visit my NEW website www.norahlevinephotography.com to view some of my artwork, to be added to my mailing list, etc.



Norah Levine Photography, Austin, Texas, Fine art, Encaustic, Wax Art,

Norah Levine Photography, Austin, Texas, Fine art, Encaustic, Wax Art,