Audio Portraits -- A Unique Offering from Norah Levine Photography

austin texas family photographer Anyone who knows me is aware that I’m big on communication. Apparently, I began talking on the phone when I was a toddler and never stopped. I love connecting with others and much prefer one-on-one conversation to group interactions. I have been told by others that communication is one of my strengths, and feel that it has helped me both personally and professionally to connect with others and to allow people to feel comfortable speaking with me. As I continue to expand my photographic work and my experience as a creative, I am looking for ways that help me bring more of what I love into my work. For the Lifelines project I worked on a few years ago, I included audio vignettes to accompany the still images of the homeless people and their pets. The results were powerful. The audio set to stills made the viewers slow down and truly listen and look. This experience inspired me to explore the idea with my portrait business. I have already applied the Audio Portrait concept to my Petribute Package, for elderly pets and those diagnosed with illness.

I am calling them Audio Portraits. Audio Portraits are all about communication and connection.  They combine still photography with the sounds of those in front of my camera. The final slideshow is a combination of interviews, discussions, voices, and sounds with still images from the session. The result is a custom keepsake unique to each family.

Seeing in still frames has been a practice of mine for over 20 years. I love the opportunity to make decisions about what stays in or out of the frame and when to press the shutter. Still photography allows me to connect with the subject in front of me to evoke authentic moments and expressions. With these Audio Portraits, I am enjoying the process of finding an even deeper connection through their voices and sounds. The slideshows I create in the process are making my heart sing, and (hopefully) my clients’ as well.

I’ll continue to create and share this work with you in the coming months. I am looking forward to applying the Audio Portraits to any portrait session I already offer, because it is a beautiful way to communicate the emotional story of each of my clients. Ultimately, that’s what I am here for as a photographer.

Feel free to inquire about how to include an Audio Portrait as part of your next portrait session. I look forward to it!