Introducing Petributes

Petribute My photographs have often focused on the concepts of love, beauty, joy and connection– the stuff that I feel is worth holding onto closely. Now, I am bringing in the sounds.

I’m so excited to introduce my new Petribute package. This is a unique package that allows me to combine my long love affair with still imagery with the power of audio.

The inspiration behind this package:

Throughout my more than 15 years as a professional photographer, much of my work has focused on pet portraits. I have been fortunate to meet and photograph hundreds of sweet dogs, cats, horses and other creatures. I have also had the terrific opportunity to connect with many doting pet parents.

As much as I like to focus on the positive in all aspects of my life, there is a harsh reality to being a pet parent that needs to be considered. This is likely known, but it's nonetheless something I’ve had to think much about in the past couple years. The most difficult part about sharing our lives with these sweet creatures is that their lives are never long enough. Even when our pets advance well in their years, it just never feels like enough time. Many of us as pet owners are forced to deal with a pet’s illness -- to say it's incredibly difficult is an understatement.

I’ve experienced this loss firsthand, and I’ve been giving a lot of thought to how important it is to honor our beloved fur babies. I created the Petribute package in order to help honor aging and sick animals that are important parts of the family.

petribute What’s this package about?

Investment in this unique offering includes a donated portrait session for senior pets and those diagnosed with serious illness. In addition to other sweet items, your pet will be honored with a 1-3 minute curated slideshow of your favorite session images, featuring audio of your voice and pet sounds that pay tribute to your beloved pet.

I remember struggling for ways to honor my pets when I have had to say goodbye, and I feel so strongly that this kind of tribute will help heal hearts and honor the memory of pets in a very special way.

Click to learn more about this package offering. If you have any further questions or wish to inquire as to whether this package is the right fit for your family, please feel free to reach out to me.