Showcasing My Encaustic Paintings at Convergence Gallery

I’ve been expanding my creative efforts over the last few years and have been so grateful for the opportunities that have come my way as a result of listening and responding to what inspires me.

I am extremely excited to announce that my work is now available at a beautiful Art gallery located on the world-renowned Canyon Road in sunny Santa Fe, New Mexico! Convergence Gallery is a stunning space and I am honored to have some of my artwork adorn its walls. 

You can view the current selection of work on their website or better yet, plan a trip to Santa Fe and stop in and see the work for yourself. I believe that viewing art in person is always the best way to really get a proper sense of how it might resonate with you.

 Interior images of Convergence Gallery, Santa Fe, NM. Photos courtesy of Convergence Gallery.

When I started combining my photography with the medium of encaustic I didn’t have any idea as to where it would take me. I knew that I needed to give myself permission to begin and see what developed from there. I am so glad that I did! I’m now experiencing the next stage with showcasing these works of art for others to enjoy and my hope is that they find new homes to be loved and appreciated. 


About Norah’s art:

Norah’s work currently incorporates the medium of encaustic (bee’s wax and resin), oil pigment stick, pigments and embedded photography. Her pieces are comprised of many layers of these materials that are fused together with a torch or heat gun. She thoughtfully and intuitively scrapes, incises, etches and paints the colors and textures and layers to create her final product. Her pieces draw inspiration from her photography, and each original photograph influences the colors, textures and markings that Norah includes in the final piece.  

"Rise and Shine" 24x24 bees wax, resin, pigments, embedded photography on birch panel.

"Potential" 24x24 bees wax, resin, pigments, embedded photography on birch panel.

These pieces are available through Convergence Gallery here

Small Animal and Nature Art for Sale in my Shop

Happy Holiday Season! How did this time arrive so quickly? If you're looking for ideas for small sized, unique art, I invite you to give the gift of my photo encaustic pieces! These pieces are hand made and part of a numbered edition. No two are exactly the same.  Order by December 15th to receive art in time for Christmas.

I love creating this work and I am thankful for the positive response I have received. My work was recently featured in HGTV's 2015 Smarthome in Austin and is for sale in person at Mockingbird Domestics on South Lamar in Austin, Tx. 10% of the sale from each piece goes to animal welfare causes.

I'm looking forward to creating more art in 2015! View my SHOP

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