Dog Portrait Fun in Austin {Austin Texas Pet and Children Portrait Photographer}

Meet my new "boyfriend" Eddie–he's a rockstar dog (terrier mix) here in Austin and I was lucky enough to meet and photograph him with his owners Rebecca and Daniel.  The newlywed couple had just moved to a new house and were still getting settled so we decided to photograph in their neighborhood park area. Let me just say that Eddie and I had an instant bond. There was a great deal of jumping, panting, and other displays of excitement which indicated that he was more than excited to meet me. These types on introductions never get old. Eddie, being the free spirit he is, needed to stay mostly on leash when we were in the park areas, which actually worked out perfectly for the session. The cold temperatures of the day were no match for the efforts of our team as all three of them were complete troopers. This Texas weather seems to change at the drop of a...cowboy hat? I'm learning not to make any final decisions about postponing sessions until I'm actually on location.

We all had a grand time during this session and I loved played around with different posing and locations within the outdoor areas. While I feel that any and all times are excellent for having professional portraits created I honestly feel this was an important time for this young couple to have their portraits created here in Austin with their beloved dog.

Until we meet again, Eddie.


Norah Levine is an Austin based children portrait photographer and pet photographer. She photographs in homes and on location. She also travels to Santa Fe, New Mexico frequently for sessions. Please view her website for more details

Maternity Portraits with your dog in Austin, Texas {Austin, TX and Santa Fe, NM children and pet photographer}

I recently had the fortune of creating maternity portraits for a couple and their dog here in Austin, Texas. We had a fun outdoor location in mind in Austin, but the weather wasn't cooperating. As a result, I ended up photographing Ashley and her husband Brad and their genuinely perfect and chocolate lab, Muddy, in their home. Ashley and Brad are expecting their first baby in March and they couldn't have been more excited to capture this special time in their lives; a time of hope and boundless anticipation. (After all, it won't be just the three of them for much longer!) The home location, Ashley later expressed to me, was vastly more meaningful and personal to them and shared with me that she was glad we had held the session in that environment. Brad had purchased his little girl some cowgirl boots and tiny slippers that he wished to incorporate into the session and I gladly collaborated with him on it. I know for a fact that this couple will look at the images taken from this session and remember just how they felt on that day, during that specific time in their lives. That's powerful to me. I love that they wanted images of their dog with them in their home as they consider her to be part of their family. They know that their home will change throughout the years as will their family and they value having these professional images created for them.  I even got to photograph their dog on the red chair that had been in Brad's family for generations. I know that meant a great deal to him. They invested in several large wall pieces that are now hanging in their home.

So–here's to Brad, Ashley, and Muddy. Wishing them all the best as they invite their new daughter into their lives, very shortly!



"We really enjoyed having Norah come into our home and take pictures of our growing family.  She is incredibly talented in capturing the personal qualities in our home with the focus still remaining on our family and dog, Muddy.  When reviewing our proofs and after purchasing several canvases and prints, we were so glad we decided to host the session at home.  We created memories and photos that are very personal to us and that we will treasure for many, many years to come. Norah is an incredibly skilled photographer and we are thrilled with the outcome of this session! "–Ashley and Brad:  Austin, Texas

Norah Levine is an Austin based children portrait photographer and pet photographer. She photographs in homes and on location. She also travels to Santa Fe, New Mexico frequently for sessions. Please view her website for more details

Family Photos with Dog Included!

The opportunity to photograph children and families is always a welcomed one. The chance to photograph children and dogs together is fantastic! I was asked by one of my favorite clients to photograph her daughter, Chandra; two grandsons, Alex and Banks; and their dog, a chocolate poodle named Jack. The family was vacationing in Santa Fe and had asked me to photograph them while I was in town to teach my photo workshop. I was thrilled that our schedules coincided.

I've got to tell you about these two incredible children. Meet Alex, one of the most energetic 8-year-olds I've ever encourntered. This kid's got it all—wit, inventiveness, extreme curiosity, the gift of observance and as many random facts as you could shake a stick at. I could have gladly  listened to him all day and he would have still had thoughts to share at sunset.  The small detail in this scenario was that I need to create portraits of this wonderful child, and this usually requires a bit of "quiet time."  After a great deal of entertaining conversation I reminded Alex that we needed to take some photographs. He politely inquired if I needed for him to "go get some tape for his mouth." I passed on the offer, but thanked him kindly as we both giggled.  I have no doubt that we'll be hearing more from Alex in the future in one way or another.

Next I spent some time with Alex's younger brother, Banks. A gorgeous brown haired 6-year-old with a sweet sparkle in his eyes. Banks and I started out with some negotiations involving the removal of his skeleton imprinted flip flops. The sandals were cute but didn't seem to fit with the simplicity of his outfit. This negotiation sparked some serious giggling and play between the two of us. In the end I won the negations with an arm wrestling match. (I'm willing to try anything.) Banks was a great sport and his laugh was completely contagious both to myself and my assistant who was there to share in the whole experience. Banks starts kindergarten this year and I just know he'll take the classroom by storm.

The group portrait included the family's new dog, Jack. Jack was extremely well-behaved and had such a sweet demeanor. I love his dark, expressive brown eyes and his rich chocolate coat. Incorporating pets into family portraits is always a fun way to capture the whole family and allows everyone to relax a bit. Sometimes people find it hard to be in front of the camera but when pets are involved  it can be easy to let the nerves go. (I think this is true of having pets in our lives in general). I'm thankful that I was able to create portraits of this wonderful family and to capture moments of these two boys both individually and with their family dog.

Norah Levine is an Austin children portrait photographer and pet photographer. She photographs in homes and on location. She also travels to Santa Fe, New Mexico frequently for sessions. Please view her website for more details



This dog's got wheels! A photo session with George, my spunky dachshund friend in Austin, Texas.

I recently photographed George, a very special dachshund here in Austin Texas. George injured his back, leaving him paralyzed and ultimately requiring the support of a wheelchair.  This incredible dog has been in his wheelchair for four and a half years and it didn't appear to me that these wheels are holding him back in any way. George's owners, Judy and Vernon, inherited George from Vernon's mother who wasn't able to provide the care the injured dog needed. It is obvious to me that George resides in a loving home and is getting the royal treatment he most certainly deserves. I met Judy and Vernon through the Animal Trustees of Austin, a extremely vital animal welfare organization here in Austin.  When I arrived at their home  I was greeted by George and several of Judy and Vernon's cats. (A sight to which I am accustomed!) Vernon was excited to show me at least 20 different outfits that make up George's wardrobe that really add flair to his style. George's favorite outfit is his Texas Longhorns shirt. I think orange is his color.

This dog couldn't have cared less about the silly noises I made to get his attention and the tricks in my bag didn't even raise a whisker. George's vice is bacon! Every animal has SOMETHING that grabs their attention; I just need to figure out what it is! Usually, if make a fool out of myself long enough I can discover the proper technique. It was a remarkable portrait session. I loved getting to know this special dog and incorporating his wheelchair and personality into the images.


Creative Pet Portrait Workshop at the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops

I just returned from teaching "The Creative Pet Portrait"; a fantastic week-long pet portrait workshop hosted by the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops. I was so fortunate to teach along side of some amazing photographers and instructors including Joe McNally, Genevieve Russell, Eddie Soloway, Seth Resnick and Bob Sacha who were teaching a variety of courses including lighting on location, photographing people and visual story telling with audio. Participants joined my class from all over the country including New York, Oregon, Oklahoma, Texas, Indiana, and California! The week was fantastic and intense in such a amazing way because we were going and going every day for long hours. The week was packed with activities that focused on pet portraiture and gaining the skills necessary for photographing both pets and their humans. We were generously hosted by Santa Fe Tails, the Santa Fe Humane Society, Rick Iannucci at his western ranch, and even private homes throughout the Santa Fe area to help my class in their journey. We were also delighted to absorb the advice of animal trainer, Mary Leatherberry, were inspired by fine art photographer Gregg Albracht, and picked up a few Photoshop tips and tricks from Rick Allred. This class had amazing energy. They were up for anything and everything and didn't let frustrations get in the way of their learning experience. They signed up for the class to learn all about pet photography and were ready to have fun doing it. We addressed lighting, trouble shooting on location, style, communication with both animals and people, posing, props, composition, and so much more. I enjoyed each and every one of them and I was thrilled to see them expand their confidence throughout the week as they learned from the class and their fellow students. They seemed completely exhausted by week's end which is always a good sign that I did my job–to provide the participants with as many learning opportunities and experiences as possible.

I absolutely loved teaching this class and look forward to an entirely different experience next year!

Texas sunshine equine portraits

It was a toasty Texas afternoon in a town nearby Austin, Texas, where I had the opportunity to photograph two horses- Rolex and Ezra with their owner, Elise. I have a tremendous respect and admiration for horses. They have an exquisite beauty and elegance different from any other animal and are of course, incredibly powerful. These horses were no exception. While I am not a rider or horse owner myself, I enjoy spending time with horses and absolutely appreciate their beauty and strength. I have a strong admiration for the connection between horse and rider and I love to create images that show this bond. As with dogs, cats and other pets, I am most interested in creating imagery of animals as pets, companions and friends, rather than focusing on the proper alignment and body positioning as is necessary when photographing show animals. I appreciate eventing imagery and show quality animals, but my interest is photographing animals as pets and family members...Show animals or otherwise.

The location for this session was gorgeous. I hauled my camera bag to an open field nearby the stables where the horses were boarding. The simplicity of the tall grasses, the story that the live oak trees seem to whisper, and the pastel blue sky above make for a perfect backdrop for these portraits.

I photographed Elise with both of her horses separately. I noticed the playful connection between Ezra and Elise and true bond between the two. Rolex seemed more regal and proud and I think this shows in the images. Both relationships were tender and genuine and I was glad to capture the uniqueness of both partnerships.

I photographed Elise and Rolex as silhouettes as the sun faded and marked the end of a very special afternoon.