Online Pet Photography Class Launching Soon!

Happy Summer! 5201_300x250 I am so excited about this news...I worked REALLY hard to develop an online pet photography class with an incredible company called Craftsy and it's about to launch! This company is fantastic– the classes are interactive and really well organzied.  As an enrolled student you will be able to post comments, questions, and share photos and I'll be responding and participating with you. The classes are available to go back to any time and you can watch them and re-watch them as many times as you'd like. You can even take your own personal/private notes. (SO helpful!) I have participated in Craftsy classes and loved them.

I'm honored that I was asked to teach this class for Craftsy and to collaborate with them and the Santa Fe Photographic workshops to make it a reality. I am so proud of it and excited that it will be launching in early July!

In the meantime, you can enter for you chance to win this entire course for free. I hope you'll check it out! This course is perfect for any pet and photography enthusiast and I'll be sharing more about the class very soon.




Happy Holidays from Norah Levine and her family {Pet photographer, Children Photographer, Austin, Texas and Santa Fe, New Mexico}

My husband and I live in Austin, Texas, along with our little family comprised of 2 dogs and 3 cats. These animals are our family and we love them unconditionally. Our pets give wholeheartedly and ask very little in return. Let me introduce Ruckus (upper left), our boxer-mix who sports a snazzy underbite and runs the IT department; Fuego (upper right) our fiery little guy who definitely has a special swag and also acts as my PR director; Mika (middle right), our precious princess lab/pit mix who diligently serves as office assistant and accountant; RC (bottom left), our squishy calico in charge of catering (and eating); and Pepe aka Pino, our Abyssinian and Bengal mix in charge of marketing and social media.

Along with lots of hair, these cats and dogs bring me joy. I hope that whomever you have chosen to include in your family that you appreciate them as much as I appreciate my family and loved ones. I am extremely appreciative for all my clients who have chosen to invite me into their lives to photograph their most beloved.

Happy Holidays and Warm Wishes.