This dog's got wheels! A photo session with George, my spunky dachshund friend in Austin, Texas.

I recently photographed George, a very special dachshund here in Austin Texas. George injured his back, leaving him paralyzed and ultimately requiring the support of a wheelchair.  This incredible dog has been in his wheelchair for four and a half years and it didn't appear to me that these wheels are holding him back in any way. George's owners, Judy and Vernon, inherited George from Vernon's mother who wasn't able to provide the care the injured dog needed. It is obvious to me that George resides in a loving home and is getting the royal treatment he most certainly deserves. I met Judy and Vernon through the Animal Trustees of Austin, a extremely vital animal welfare organization here in Austin.  When I arrived at their home  I was greeted by George and several of Judy and Vernon's cats. (A sight to which I am accustomed!) Vernon was excited to show me at least 20 different outfits that make up George's wardrobe that really add flair to his style. George's favorite outfit is his Texas Longhorns shirt. I think orange is his color.

This dog couldn't have cared less about the silly noises I made to get his attention and the tricks in my bag didn't even raise a whisker. George's vice is bacon! Every animal has SOMETHING that grabs their attention; I just need to figure out what it is! Usually, if make a fool out of myself long enough I can discover the proper technique. It was a remarkable portrait session. I loved getting to know this special dog and incorporating his wheelchair and personality into the images.


Petcasso fundraiser in Austin. Can you guess what kind of dog inspired my art for this great cause?

When recently asked to create a piece of art for the Animal Trustees of Austin's 5th Annual Petcasso fundraising event my palms started sweating. Literally. I mean, I love to paint, but I've never painted a piece of art that was hopeful to raise much needed dollars for anyone before. Having said that, Animal Trustees of Austin is an amazing non-profit animal organization and I was honored (and actually really excited) to get over the sweaty palms and dive into the project. I chose to create a multi-media piece involving photography (surprised?) and abstract painting with a little help from a couple of four-legged friends. My piece, along with some other creative pieces, will be held for live auction Sunday, April 17th during the Petcasso event and my hope is that it raises some well deserved funding. I'm so thankful that I am starting to get to know the animal welfare community here in Austin. There are many terrific organizations here and it truly is a community. I am looking forward to continuing to get involved on many levels.

The unveiling isn't until this Sunday's event but I thought I'd share a small section of my art.

Any guesses as to what kind of dog inspired this piece?




Thank you to the Animal Trustees of Austin for asking me to participate in this amazing project. I have truly enjoyed being involved and look forward to the event this weekend!

I'll let you know how the event goes and will of course share the rest of the story with you.

About the Animal Trustees of Austin:

Animal Animal Trustees of Austin, Inc. (ATA) is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt, non-profit animal welfare organization. ATA was founded in May of 1993 by concerned citizens desiring to help lost, abused, and abandoned animals in Austin and surrounding counties and to end the crisis of animal overpopulation through sterilization.

ATA began with the rescue of Keller, a tiny Chihuahua, born with no eyes. Her spirit sparked the creation of this group of caring women who wanted to help shelter animals, especially special-needs animals. These dedicated "founding mothers" started what is now Animal Trustees of Austin.

The organization has grown to include clinics for both wellness and spay/neuter services, provides several programs for animal welfare, and hosts several events throughout the year. Since March 1997, the Spay/Neuter Clinic has safely performed over 85,000 surgeries. Since its inception in June 2002, the Wellness Clinic has provided services to over 131,000 animals.